An Easter Bouquet for you, my Dear,
To bring in the season of spring this year
Each bloom has been chosen in hopes to convey
My message of love and appreciation this day

With a red Carnation,
To show how my heart aches for you,
Posies of Forget-Me-Nots,
To show my love is true

And fragrant Freesias,
Embracing trust we share
With Lilies of the Valley,
Returning happiness and care

Daisies to show,
My love is loyal - undivided,
As the Phlox whispers softly,
'Our souls are united,'

And I've added Primrose,
To remind you again
That I can't live without you,
And with you I'll remain

And all about this Easter bouquet,
Are sprigs of Baby's Breath,
So delicately displayed
With a message of their own,
Which I've known from the start,
Of the innocence of your love,
And your pureness of heart

So, to you, my Dear,
I lovingly bestow
A message of love,
Even these blooms seem to know.

Happy Easter!

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When I was born, the first thing I saw was LIGHT
Light that I know someday would be my might
But as years passed the light that I tought would be my guide
Served to be the trigger for me to have guilt and full of pride,

I fell, I cried and stayed down with scars and wounds
With no one to help in the middle of the woods
So I asked HIM why and doubt if HE is real
And tought if it's just a challenge or somewhat a deal,

Then a man in white came from no where with a light too bright
HE approached me and helped me to stand up right
I glimpsed on the face of somewhat I consider my HERO
With a surpreise that HE in your life must not be ZERO,

And then I realized I have lost my FAITH
To some one I knew worthy to wait
HE changed my life and fixed my behavior
Now I'm living with HIM, My LIGHT and My Savior.

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Deep inside my stillness, I hear you calling me
It’s not your voice I hear; it’s the echoes of your soul
And the gentle beat of you heart so free
So strong, it’s kept the beast inside me under control

Deep inside my Stillness, I can feel your hands
Holding my heart with such a tender caress
Cradled in your palms, is where it always lands
Where its beats, forever as yours and mine, for us

Deep inside my Stillness, your emotions run so deep
In every part of me, in every dark space within me
From the time the sun rises to the time I sleep
It’s where your love lives, where it’s always free

Deep inside my Stillness, I feel the breeze of your voice
And hear your whispers as they leave your lips
“My love for you, I’ll never again have to sacrifice“
“I won’t deny the softness of your tender kiss, you lips”

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